Gauss Algorithmic

With the help of Inguro, Gauss Algorithmic has improved leads to deals conversion rates through better identification of most prospective leads and being better in quality follow up with those. Earlier, 10% of all conversations got lost and were not followed up on time. After having used Inguro messenger for 4 months, Petr found himself spending several hours a week less on conversation follow-up and, even more importantly, saving another couple of hours thanks to a faster generation of leads acquisition reports.
Monthly time saved
Increased annual revenue
Gauss Algorithmic
Gauss Algorithmic was founded to provide top-quality cutting-edge services in the field of big data analysis, machine learning, and predictive analytics. Targeting customers from telco and financial industries, Petr's role involved active network building using LinkedIn as the major professional social network.
Brno, Czech republic
Information Technology
Petr Popov
Gauss Algorithmic, Business development
Using Inguro saves me few hours every week and helps the company to close few more deals a year
Please introduce yourself and your company
Being a business development manager at Gauss Algorithmic, I mostly target C-level executives in telco and financial industries. Our company's average deal size is around €20.000 and we usually achieve a six-figure average yearly turnover.
What was your challenge before using Inguro?
The LinkedIn native messenger is really slow, it used to take us several seconds to see the answers from the potential client. Because LinkedIn messenger is not very user-friendly, sometimes we would miss messages, which were, to my estimation, around 10% of all the answers we got. On the other side, using LinkedIn messenger would take us 3-4 hours weekly just to generate sales reports like measuring conversion rate to reply or conversion rate to interested.
Which problems have you solved with the help of Inguro?
I have been using Inguro for 4 months and now I can safely say that it saves between 4-5 hours per week in comparison to using LinkedIn native messenger only. Due to functions like labeling, we can target the right people at the right time and by my estimation, we can close three to five more deals in the next year, which is around € 80.000-200.000K. Making earlier mentioned conversion reports has become much faster and I can use the saved time now more effectively.

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