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Security of your account is our top priority

Our solution is completely cloud-based. You get a dedicated IP address in the location of your choice. Nobody else in the world is using the same IP.
It’s like having another office nearby where you login
to your LinkedIn account. We offer you the most user-friendly and secure way to login with your LinkedIn Cookie. Keep your LinkedIn password to yourself.


Automatically filter through spam

Spam steals your time. We help you keep your priorities straight. Set up your own rules. Manage blacklists. Focus on the important conversations.


Close 30% more deals

Keep your clarity of mind with a clean inbox.
Be persistent with automatic reminders and followups. Automate your workflow with CRM integration, Zapier and collaboration with virtual assistants. Constantly analyze and improve your campaigns. Scale with multiple accounts.


Save up to 90% of your time

Your time is your most valuable resource. You can’t get it back. Automate all your copy & paste jobs. We give you back time. Focus on tasks with a greater return on investment.

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