Our team
Vyacheslav (Slava) Ladischenski
CEO and founder
MSc. in Media Informatics with 5+ years experience in sales consulting and coaching.
Constantine Filin
Technical co-founder
Msc. in computer engineering with more than 20 years of software engineering and product management experience.
Aleksandr Vasylyev
Technical co-founder
Senior Java software engineer with more than 7 years of on-hands experience in various projects
Maurice T. Meyer
Technical co-founder
Software development engineer with proved experience in areas of cloud computing and distributed systems
Ivan Pavlov
Ivan Pavlov
Lead designer
Product & UX designer with 10+ years of experience in design and development of complex internet projects
Natálie Stachova
Digital marketing and content specialist
Business development specialist with proven track of records of 10+ years in various industries.
Our Advisors
Radek Novotný
Superface, CEO and CoFounder
With over 15 years of experience leading tech companies, Radek also managed to raise $1,5M preceed funding for his own start-up Superface.
Hugh O'Byrne
Principal at Hugh O'Byrne & Associates
Hugh founded and lead the biggest IBM sales center worldwide (5k employees, based in Ireland).
Juan Caballero
Freelance Consultant, Berlin, Germany
Decentralized Identity Foundation - Steering Committee & Interim Comms Dir (https://identity.foundation/); Recovering Freelance Consultant
Matt Tarczynski
CEO at Woodpecker.co, Wroclaw, Poland
An entrepreneur who built his own successfull SalesTech start-up with over 13K professionals sending 9M targeted emails monthly up to date.
Andreas (Brönnimann) Studer
Head of Engineering at BLOCKv, Zurich, Switzerland
A technical specialist in Web 3.0 and blockchain technologies with 7+ years of practical experiemce.
Gregory Patricoski
Attorney at Patricoski Law Offices & Founder at Votuv
An experienced attorney, running an IT consulting firm primarily focusing on automation and Data as a Service (DaaS) for a wide range of Industries.
Our Investors
Martin Mächler
Lead investor
Partner at Panter AG | Co-founder of the biggest Swiss accelerator and coworking | 750+ projects
Alexander Khounani
Expert in the fields of workflow and algorithmic decision making (especially in telco, insurance, and customer service automation areas).
Andrey Subbotin
Co-Founder, CEO at Jinny and RITCHY GROUP, grew his own e-commerce business fro 0 to $17M in 7 years.
Dominic Senn
Dominic Senn
Founder of the Swiss medtech startup machineMD and CEO of Optor AG production optimizing software.
Boaz P Heller Avrahami
Boaz P Heller Avrahami
Swiss based digitalisation strategist, organisational developer and systems engineer, specialized in Exponential Organizations development

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