Our team
Vyacheslav Ladischenski
CEO and founder
7 years in sales. Worked for IBM, Dell, Credit Suisse & PwC. $20M in revenue
Aleksandr Vasylyev
Technical Co-founder
9+ years in software development. Worked for OneSolve, Praxis & Brico
Jiří Rýdel
Technical Co-founder
7+ years in software development, previously Co-Founder of Xomlo.io
Eduardo Elarrat
Technical Co-founder
14+ years in software development, is a Lead Engineer at Nubank
Viktor Bezdek
Technical Co-founder
20+ years of visionary leadership, worked for Adobe and Toptal
Our Advisors
Radek Novotný
Superface, CEO and CoFounder
With over 15 years of experience leading tech companies, Radek also managed to raise $1,5M preceed funding for his own start-up Superface.
Hugh O'Byrne
Principal at Hugh O'Byrne & Associates
Hugh founded and lead the biggest IBM sales center worldwide (5k employees, based in Ireland).
Juan Caballero
Freelance Consultant, Berlin, Germany
Decentralized Identity Foundation - Steering Committee & Interim Comms Dir (https://identity.foundation/); Recovering Freelance Consultant
Matt Tarczynski
CEO at Woodpecker.co, Wroclaw, Poland
An entrepreneur who built his own successfull SalesTech start-up with over 13K professionals sending 9M targeted emails monthly up to date.
Andreas (Brönnimann) Studer
Head of Engineering at BLOCKv, Zurich, Switzerland
A technical specialist in Web 3.0 and blockchain technologies with 7+ years of practical experiemce.
Mato Sauer
Sales Manager at eBiz Consulting
Mato is a Sales Leader for international Software and IT companies since more than 10 years.
Alex Friedberg
Co-Founder, BXB Capital
Co-founded BXB Capital, a crypto-focused hedge fund, played pivotal roles at StartupYard, Binance KR, KRWb, Grab, and Coupang
Our Investors
Martin Mächler
Lead investor
Partner at Panter AG | Co-founder of the biggest Swiss accelerator and coworking | 750+ projects
Alexander Khounani
Expert in the fields of workflow and algorithmic decision making (especially in telco, insurance, and customer service automation areas).
Andrey Subbotin
Co-Founder, CEO at Jinny and RITCHY GROUP, grew his own e-commerce business fro 0 to $17M in 7 years.
Dominic Senn
Dominic Senn
Founder of the Swiss medtech startup machineMD and CEO of Optor AG production optimizing software.
Boaz P Heller Avrahami
Boaz P Heller Avrahami
Swiss based digitalisation strategist, organisational developer and systems engineer, specialized in Exponential Organizations development
Nikita Yampolski
Senior Product Manager (CPO / Head of Product). Certified Product Mentor. Hands-on generalist and polymath – Helping entrepreneurs, founders and their companies to build products that win!
Gion Kunz
Managing Director at syncrea GmbH
Cedric Maloux
CEO at StartupYard. StartupYard is an European seed accelerator for technology startups.
Martin Kálovec
Ex-BCG Partner. Angel Investor.
Philip Staehelin
Ex-CEO of €0.5B payments provider
Ralph Harreiter
Co-Founder Parkside Interactive
Jan Urban
Head of Commercialization, Incubation and Fundraising at Czech Technical University
Nicolas Boissin
Chief Executive Officer at Avcajan

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