LinkedIn plays an important role for BARIS AB and David, as the owner, being one of the main self-presentation and active networking/ customer acquisition platforms. That is why he had been searching for ways to improve inbox handling and structuring the threads. Inguro gave his Inbox a clear structure in terms of sales pipeline and priorities.
Sales cycle length reduction
Annual revenue increase
BARIS AB is a digital supply chain consultancy, which assists companies that need to change or modify their logistics or supply chain setup. One of the focuses is to help companies optimize supply chain planning in a way that brings down unnecessary warehouse extra costs caused by late shipments. His company is based in Sweden and he primarily focuses on assisting customers from the Nordic region.
Västerås, Sweden
David Leifsson
BARIS AB, Leading Digital Logistics expert
Inguro shortens my sales cycle by half. Using Inguro I expect to generate another €50k in revenue this year.
Please introduce yourself shortly
I am David Leifsson from Sweden and I work as a supply chain consultant at Paris AB. My target markets are supply chain and logistic managers based in northern Europe.
What was your main struggle before Inguro?
The main problem using LinkedIn before was the inability to navigate effectively in a huge amount of messages in my inbox. Prioritizing the right contacts to speak with was difficult because of lacking structure and filtering. Inguro helps me easily filter and structure all my message threads using different parameters and thanks to sales stage labeling, I know exactly whom I need to contact next. All that while virtually staying in my LinkedIn inbox.
What measurable results can Inguro bring for your business within the next year?
My greatest value with Inguro is shortening the time to find the right contacts. An average deal that would take 3-4 months to close before, would be now closed in 2 months or less - all this thanks to being able to find the right people faster. My average deal size is usually between 15.000€ - 20.000€ per consultancy. By cutting the sales cycle time in half, I get the opportunity of having increased revenue over a period of one year by up to 40-50%. In real numbers, I am now looking to add up to 50.000€ to my usual expected sales turnover.

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